Erasure of debts to social security

The law states that within the state of Israel, every citizen of 18 years of age and above has to pay a social security fee, whether it’s a man or a woman and regardless of their profession. Of course, the question of how much each one of us has to pay to social security, changes according to your situation, percentages of disability and regular monthly income. Yet, there are many cases where a person, who has to pay social security, just doesn’t do it and there can be many reasons for this.

Whether you are a freelancer or an employee, not knowing the law does not exempt anyone from punishment, this means that even if you didn’t know how much you had to pay or how, it is still not a good reason to have your debts erased.

Moreover, the social security, which views non-payment as debt for all intensive purposes, also demands interest fees for the debts of the citizens and even imposes fines.


Don’t ignore debts to social security!

If you owe money for social security, the most important tip to give you would be not to ignore this situation. As mentioned, it is a debt by itself and it will naturally increase; ignore it and it may come back to haunt you! Therefore, it doesn’t matter what the sum of the debt for social security is because the matter should be dealt with in any case.

Any person, who owes money for social security, gets reports, descriptions and countless explanations about it, which means that you cannot be unaware of the matter. On the other hand, just before you try to reach different payment arrangements with the social security department, whether it’s with credit card or any other way, you should know that there’s the option of debt erasure.


Will you get full debt erasure?

Just like with any other process of debt erasure, even when it’s about erasure of debts to social security, every matter has to be thoroughly checked. That is to say, the fact that there are people whose debts to social security have been erased is good, however, there are very clear conditions and requirements for this and it won’t always happen.

First of all, the department of social security, in some cases, will decide to erase not the debts themselves but the interest fees and fines. Second, it is important to understand how your fine was created, what the sum is made up of, and what easements you are entitled to.

For example, there are many cases where a person attends different committees for getting disability percentages and doesn’t pay their social security fee every month until he gets the final approval.

Such situation creates a debt that can sometimes be very high, but later on, in many cases, the department for social security will decide to erase the debt in view of the process in which the citizen has been through to the moment of receiving the approval for his disability percentages.


How to increase your chances of debt erasure?

Beyond the fact that it’s important to understand how you got into these debts and what the sums are, there is also a meaning to the question of how you are going to submit the application for debt erasure. There are very clear procedures, documents that have to be submitted and factors to which you must turn, which means that anything that has to do with erasure of debts for social security is not something you should deal with by yourselves.

There’s no argument about you being able to read about the subject online, and even directly on the social security website. Yet, in the moment of truth, we see that it is best to do these things with a leading professional who can help you. A professional lawyer, who knows the law, can look into your case, ask for all the documents and explanations and, accordingly, give you advice about what should be done. There is no doubt that if you manage to erase your debts for social security it will save you a lot of money and aggravation, so why not?

The lawyer you should turn to, in cases like these, are Boris Miskevich or Daniel Yanovsky, due to the knowledge and experience in this field. In many cases, the question of whether the application for erasure of debts to social security gets accepted or not, depends, among other things, on the manner in which your lawyer takes care of things.

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*The above article is by no means a legal advice; any use of this information is solely under the reader’s responsibility.

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