Erasure of debts to the municipality

Everyone knows that the residents of every city in Israel has to pay, amongst other things, local property tax. There are many factors which can affect the height of the property tax, for example, the question of which area of the city you live in. That is, there are areas that are considered more financially stable, and in these places the payments will be higher.

Another factor which will affect the question of how much we pay is the question of the area size of the asset we live in, whether it’s about a rented asset or an asset that you own. Yet, there are many people who receive the property tax form, ignore it, don’t pay it and accumulate debts to the municipality.

If this sounds familiar to you then you should know that these debts, like any other debts, can inflate due to interest payments attributable and the debt itself can get you into more trouble than you think. Of course, there’s a matter of proportions here and it’s important to understand how much money you owe and why, but generally, the municipality too, like any other creditor, can decide to take all the necessary actions to get what it deserves.

Therefore, it’s best to turn to erasing debts to the municipality, because the situation can reach to the state of having to issue and order of prohibition from leaving the country, foreclosures etc.


How can debts to the municipality be erased?

It is important to know that the municipalities can decide to erase the debts of certain residents but, of course, it’s under limitations and in very specific situations. There are some groups within the population who are entitled to significantly discounted property tax payments, for example: the elderly, handicapped individuals etc. Yet, there are many cases in which residents don’t know that they are entitled to a discount, they don’t pay because they don’t have the means to pay and so they accumulate great debts. In such cases, the municipality will erase the resident’s debt and the extent of the erasure will be that of the discount he would have gotten had he paid regularly.

Another interesting fact about the erasure of debts to the municipality is that although the municipality has the authority to erase debts, most of the municipalities do not publish this option. As a result, the residents do not know this option even exists and find themselves dealing with very high payments over many years. Therefore, if you owe money to the municipality of the area you live in or have your office in, you should know that something can be done about it. Therefore, just before you go to pay it all, you should check whether you are entitled to a discount or not and if there is an option for debt erasure in an orderly manner.


Why do you need a professional lawyer?

Like every other debt erasure, even when it’s about erasure of debts to the municipality, coping with it bureaucratically is not simple. How to know if you are entitled to erasure? How to submit the application in an orderly manner and how to get a positive answer? Are there any specific actions which can increase your chances of getting full erasure of debts to the municipality?

In order to increase your chances of getting the best outcome possible it is recommended that you turn to a lawyer who works in the field and who is able help you. It does not matter for how many years you owe money to the municipality and it does not matter how much you owe. What’s for certain is that you should turn to the best lawyer in the field, because why should you settle for less? A leading professional who can help you is the Barry Miskevich and he is available to you at any moment. Call today, make an appointment and see how quickly you can leave this part of your life behind you.


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