Notary Services

Our office provides full notary services, including professional translations. The following services are, in accordance with the notaries law:

  • Document signature verification.
  • Confirmation of document correctness.
  • Notarized translation or confirmation of translation correctness of Hebrew and Russian documents.
  • Reception and confirmation of a declaration and other declarations.
  • Drawing up a document or any other action required or permitted by law, by a notary, including foreign state’s law, or any other type document required.
  • Validation of a prenuptial agreement, signed before marriage.
  • To notarize power of attorney documents.
  • Confirmation of a notarized will.
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בוגר LL.B בקריה האקדמית אונו בשנת 2007. תחומי ההתמחות של משרד עורכי דין דניאל ינובסקי – חדלות פירעון לרבות אכיפת חיובים, מחיקה וגביית חובות (הוצאה לפועל), פשיטות רגל – חדלות פירעון והסדרי חוב.
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